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Welcome to StaMar Handcrafted ... and now a little bit about us

StaMar is Stan and Marrianne ... and it may sound a bit corny but StaMar was basically created from the love we have for each other.  We both left very lucrative careers and took early retirements so that we could spend more time together.  Unfortunately the way it worked out wasn't quite what we anticipated ... Marrianne was spending her days in the upstairs loft sewing while I spent all of my time in the basement shop building ukuleles.  Its absolutely amazing what a life changing event can do especially when it threatens your very existence.  Long story short ... during a rather lengthy "Cancer Recovery Period" I discovered jewelry making which allowed me to move into the upstairs loft and work side by side with Marrianne just as we had originally planned.  I haven't abandoned building ukuleles all together but adding jewelry making to my repertoire allows us to live out our lives just a little happier ever after.


Throughout my 35 year career in forensic science I can honestly say that I was doing CSI when it was nothing more than three letters of the alphabet. During this time I developed an unbelievable attention to fine detail as firearm and tool-mark identification and fingerprints were my specialties. Throughout my entire adult life, woodworking has played an extremely important part; building furniture items for our home, a sixteen foot bass boat and a fully self contained teardrop camper.  I've also created a rather successful small business building beautiful custom ukuleles under the brand name KeAno Ukulele.  


Everything was going so good ... but life has always had the uncanny ability to throw you curve balls when you least expect it.  I was diagnosed with cancer ... the good thing I caught it early ... the bad thing was the lengthy recovery from the surgery.  I needed to find something to do to keep my hands and mind occupied ... so I learned to weave wire and make jewelry.  I have been going strong ever since, and yes, I am cancer free.

I am very thankful for the career in forensic science that I had.  The overall attention of finite detail utilized in the comparison and analysis of physical evidence is the same attention to detail that I use in every piece of jewelry and everything else that I have ever produced. To me there is no greater accomplishment than using the patience and talents, that I am very blessed to have, to produce such beautiful items for you to enjoy. 


Throughout my entire life I have always loved creating things with my hands. Many years ago, before I reentered the work force, I had owned and operated a small community craft shop  where I not only sold craft supplies; but I sold my own creations along with the creations from over 60 other local artisans. Whether it was cooking, crafting, or sewing; my creations were always born from wanting to create something to make life a little easier or putting together a beautiful gift for friends and family.


Having retired from a local community hospital as a Human Resource Director I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities and satisfaction that my career brought me. However, trying to balance that busy career and raising my two sons meant time was always an extremely precious commodity.  I never seemed to be able to find enough time for my own hobbies or to accomplish the things that I wanted to do. I remember always saying, “When I retire, I want to sew more.”  Retirement has done me well and that is exactly what I have been  doing for the last few years. I love occupying my time sewing and making those little thoughtful gifts for friends and family.  The thought of creating these items for you brings me great joy and I hope you find them useful as either gifts for yourself or for your friends and family.

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