Flat Key Chain Zippered Pouch


This Flat Zippered Pouch is perfect for those who just don't need to carry a large purse or bulky wallet all the time. It can be clipped to your keys or belt loop and hold your Debit card, ID and some cash for those quick trips to run errands. This small pouch can also be cliped to your purse to keep small items easily located like store membership cards or gift cards. This functional yet cute accessory is perfect for everyone.

The sturdy nylon zipper is in a coordinating color with the outide fabric and the lining fabric matches the tabs. 

Approximate Size:

     Width    4 1/2"

     Length  3 1/2"


Care Instructions:

Ideally, wipe with a damp cloth. If machine washed, use gentle clyle, air dry.

Flat Key Chain Zippered Pouch